Top 7 Cities for Remote Workers in 2021

As the world emerges out of the changes of 2020, there is one thing that is most apparent – we can continue our normal lives through our devices. Whether that is going to school, maintaining a corporate job, or building your own business, we have continued to grow our jobs and our careers from the comfort of our own homes. 

So now that the world is reopening and things are beginning to change, are you ready to go and live the dream life somewhere far away from your desk while also maintaining your job? This is where the Remote Pros life comes in. Yet like many of us, you may be wondering how in the world you can start to move somewhere new or go remote at all. There seem to be too many unanswered questions and doubts about going to a new location and making big changes.

Will the wifi speeds hold up? Will I be able to communicate in another language? Can I bring my family? Can I afford to live in other locations?  These may be some of the many questions going on in your mind. So to help you out, we are here to share 7 cities that are perfect for living as a remote worker. 

  1. Hanoi, Vietnam 

With its bustling highways, cheap street food, and immense amounts of culture, Hanoi can be the perfect place to base yourself if you are in the mood to travel around South East Asia. Here you will never run out of things to do, and even rent for $300/$400 for an apartment will make you feel like you are living in absolute luxury. 

  1. The Canary Islands, Spain 

Let’s face it, island life is something that we have all dreamed about at some point in time. Well, Spain’s self-employment work visa may just help you make those dreams a reality if you don’t have EU citizenship. Here, you can work in the sunshine from the beach, meet up with other nomads and rule-breakers of the corporate world, and explore nature locations. 

  1. Chang Mai, Thailand 

This is a destination you may have heard of before, the reason being its high popularity when it comes to the world of digital nomads. However, if you are not looking for this vibe, you can still find everything you are looking for in Thailand. From the southern islands like Koh Phangan or the crazy streets of Bangkok, you will find cheap accommodations and food, many meetups and workspaces, and great wifi speeds at cool cafes.

4. Cape Town, South Africa

Why not spend some time at the Southern tip of Africa? According to Thrillist, “the Cost of living is in your favor—a centrally located one-bedroom can be had for about $700 a month.” If you are a wine and food enthusiast this could also be the perfect place for you, with an endless amount of hip bars, cafes, and restaurants with an eclectic vibe.

5. Perth, Australia

If you are someone who enjoys laid-back beach vibes, delicious food, and kind locals, then this is a great location for you. Although quite isolated, you can still catch cheap flights to Bali, other Indonesian islands, and South East Asia in general. If you are a passionate outdoors person, then here you can find a plentitude of national parks and road trip opportunities to explore the whole country of Australia.

6. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn may be one of our top recommended cities for remote workers! With a new Digital Nomad Visa and E-residency program, you can base your business in the country and have access to many benefits that citizens have. Plus, Tallinn prides itself on its eclectic and modern vibe with many chic cafes, boutique hotels, breweries, and outdoor events. Needless to say, it the perfect spot for someone looking for a neat and organized society with Scandinavian influence and the fun element of a Mediterranean city.

7. Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

If you have been in the digital nomad/remote working community, chances are you have heard of the famous Canggu. With its endless amounts of cafes designed for people on laptops, cheap food, and beautiful beaches, it’s a paradise for anyone wanting to escape the 9-5 rush. Here you will find people just like you and a true sense of community with yoga sessions, meditation retreats, healthy vegan restaurants, and more.

Now that you have read about these places, are you ready to go explore and work from home? To learn more about how to move abroad, come along and join the global online community!

This article was inspired by https://www.thrillist.com/travel/nation/best-cities-in-the-world-working-remotely-cheap.

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