Top 6 Books For Remote Workers

Are you ready to gain more knowledge on being a remote worker? Here are the top book to become an expert Remote Pro:

Working Remotely: Secrets to Success For Employees and Distribute Teams

By Teresa Douglas, Holly Gordon, and Mike Webber

This book will help you navigate the daily life of being a remote worker! From creating a work-life balance, managing your time, and pushing through self-isolation, they will offer plenty of tangible action steps and concrete examples.

Work From Home Hacks: 500+ East Ways to Get Organized, Stay Productive, and Maintain a Work-Life Balance While Working From Home. 

By Aja Frost

Another great book filled with advice and tips on how to be a successful and happy remote worker. “This book is packed with all the advice I wish I’d had when I transitioned to permanent remote work. It covers common scenarios like maintaining boundaries between work and the rest of your life (when your office is also your bedroom or kitchen), combating loneliness and isolation, and overcoming the “out of sight, out of mind” effect. Plus, if you’re a parent, freelancer, or manager, there’s special advice just for you.” – Aja Frost (HubSpot)

The Holloway Guide to Remote Work

By Juan Pablo Buriticá and Katie Womersley, along with contributing authors

This guide to remote working will help you walk through all of the common scenarios you may find yourself in including balancing communication channels and time zones, hiring and onboarding, and life as a remote worker. According to Aja Frost, the book is filled with practical and realistic recommendations that are backed up by case studies, examples, and data.

REMOTE: Office Not Required

By Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the founders of Basecamp

Looking to feel inspired to live the remote lifestyle? This is the perfect book for you! Remote: Office Not Required is the perfect place to begin if you are still on the fence about becoming a remote worker and/or traveling while doing so.

The Remote Facilitators Pocket Guide 

By Kirsten Clacey and Jay-Allen Morris

Anyone who attends online meetings needs to read this book! Here you will learn all about the life of a remote worker when it comes to online meetings and how to thrive in them. You will walk away from this book feeling more confident and ready to tackle the meetings of the day.

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work

By Wade Foster, with content from Danny Schreiber, Matthew Guay, Melanie Pinola, Bethany Hills, Alison Groves, Jeremey DuVall, and Belle Cooper

Are you looking to build an online business from scratch? Then this guide can help you! In the Ultimate Guide to Remote Work, you will learn all of the essential steps needed to create a thriving virtual company culture, balance time zones, hire remote employees, and more.

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