The Biggest Lessons I Learned Traveling and Starting Remote Businesses for 20 Years

The Road Less Traveled

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.” 

-Robert Frost 

Taking the road less traveled let me create the life that I wanted, instead of listening to society’s rules. After 20+ years of forging my own path in my life and career, I have learned that each of us have the power to break through the boundaries we are told are “unbreakable.” My journey of taking the road less traveled began when my wife Gina and I left for Europe in 1995, taking with us only a few bags and a drive to live the life we both wanted. 

Even though there were moments that were difficult, we look back now and see how important it was to create our own path. Taking the road less traveled showed us that we could redefine what success meant to us, and that we could have a remote life – and succeed at building a professional career. 

Creating a path where there wasn’t one led to us raising 3 kids internationally, building multiple successful companies, and now teaching other people how to follow our path. The resources, tips, and ideas that you find in Remote Pros are the culmination of 20 years of experiences, mistakes, growth, and ultimately success. Now we are proud to see so many other remote workers that are ready to forge their own unique path towards freedom and living a life of their choice. 

How can you take the road less traveled in your life?

  • Don’t Listen to the Haters

No matter what society tells you, don’t listen to the haters. Society can pressure you to have the ideal job, good retirement plan, the perfect partner, and live “by the book” since it makes everyone feel better. At the beginning of our journey they questioned our decisions. They questioned moving to Europe. They told us we couldn’t do it. They told us that we needed to settle down and get a 9-5 stable job. They told us we couldn’t raise kids internationally and move around. Yet all this time later, we realized that we had to follow our own path and ignore all the questioning. 

So don’t be afraid to do it your way. Always listen to your own ideas and visions of your life before you listen to what society thinks. You can build life the way you choose – no matter how unconventional, strange, or irrational it seems to others. Focus on your goals, don’t stop until you reach them, and seek out a community of people that are on the same path you are. Remote Pros is the perfect place to find these people! 

  • Live Each Day to the Fullest 

Don’t wait until you are retired or the perfect “moment” to live your life to the fullest. With a remote lifestyle, you can re-prioritise on a daily basis, and spend time with your loved ones more than you could have before. You can have it all – scale your remote business, enjoy time with your children, spend quality time with your spouse, pursue your hobbies, etc.Throughout the course of my travels, I have been able to see incredible temples in Cambodia, ride camels in Egypt, or dive in Thailand, all while maintaining a remote corporate job. 

  • Be Flexible and Pivot When Things Don’t Work Out 

Whether or not you believe everything happens for a reason, we can agree that sometimes life throws things at us that completely push us off track. Just when we think we’ve found a concrete stable action plan for our life or business, everything changes. That is why it is so important to be flexible in your life as a remote worker, and be ready for change at any moment. 

Even though I’ve had many moments of uncertainty, they have brought with them new opportunities, unexpected business patterns and relationships, and meaningful lessons that helped me in the future.

  • Get Clear On Your Long-Term Goals 

If you want to live a remote lifestyle and thrive in your business, getting clear on your goals is a must. What do you really want in life right now? What are your priorities?  As the world shifts more and more to adopt a remote lifestyle as the norm, new opportunities are opening up each day to live life on your own terms. During my journey, I learned how crucial it is to know your long-term goals and to not give up until you reach them. Whether you are a long-term remote worker or just starting out, get clear on what you want in the future and set your mind to it. There is no better time like the present to take action towards making those goals happen. 

Here at remote Pros, we are all about helping you make those goals a reality. We know how tough or confusing it can feel, so we are here to support you to build a road map to your goals, and provide you with a community along the way. 

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