4 Misconceptions About Remote Working and Travel That Will Make You Question What You Know

You can’t work and travel. It’s too difficult to manage work schedules and travel schedules. I need to be in an office to make money.

These are some of the many misconceptions that you may have heard when it comes to being a traveling remote worker. if you are someone looking to live this lifestyle, then you are in the right place. Here are 4 common misconceptions that have been debunked by our experienced team at Remote Pros. You won’t want to miss these!

  1. All Remote Workers are “Digital Nomads” 

One of the most common misconceptions about being a remote worker while traveling is that everyone falls under the category of a digital nomad. Sadly, there are many stereotypes around digital nomads, who are most often portrayed as Millenials sitting on a beach in Thailand with a laptop and barely making ends meet. Although there is nothing wrong with being a digital nomad, there is not just one avatar of a remote worker – there is an endless amount!

You can be a remote worker continuing your long-term corporate job, but just living in a new country instead of where the headquarters is. You can be a remote worker building your own coaching practice and moving to a new country even week. You can be a successful business person who is already retired at 40 and is living in their dream villa in Bali. You can be a father or mother of 5 and live in an RV with a passive income online. The scenarios are literally never-ending. 

So don’t feel intimidated if you don’t believe you fit into the mold of what a remote worker looks like. If you are willing to take the leap, then you are already a remote worker!

  1. You Can’t Bring Your Family With You

This is one of the biggest questions when asked about how we are able to work remotely – what about the kids? Although there are pros and cons to traveling with your kids for long periods of time, it is doable!

In our world today there are endless possibilities when it comes to homeschooling or new models of education, maintaining social relationships through zoom, and immersive learning through travel. If you are looking to travel more with your family while working remotely or building a business, Remote Pros is the best place to gain all the steps to do so! Come join the community to gain more knowledge and feedback. 

  1. Travel Is Limited and Difficult 

Many people believe that travel is too difficult when they are working and that they would rather wait until they retire. While this point is valid, why not live life right now while you can and make the most of each day. You can travel while you work remotely, whether you are building your own independent business or working for a company. As long as there is a stable wifi connection and a space to work, you can get it done – so why not join that Zoom call with a spectacular view? 

To understand more about the actual logistics of juggling travel and work, join the community – we can guarantee to share 20+ years’ worth of experience. 

  1. Time Zones Are Too Hard To Manage 

Yes, time zones can be quite difficult, especially if you are on the opposite end of the world from your co-workers. But don’t be scared by these numbers and hours, they can be managed and used to your advantage. The beauty of being a remote worker is that oftentimes you get to create your own schedule! So if you are in the Asia-Pacific region and your clients are in the United States, then you get all morning to explore, relax, and spend quality time with your family before working in the afternoon and evening – sounds nice right?

What surprised you the most about these misconceptions? Did you learn anything new? if you are ready to have a globally experienced community that can help you on your remote working journey, come join us today!

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