3 Productivity Hacks for Remote Pros

Being productive in a busy world can seem more and more difficult nowadays. Between juggling multiple jobs, traveling and working, or even getting in your daily suggested steps, it can sometimes feel like life is too busy and chaotic to be productive and efficient. But the truth is that there is time – if we know how to manage it and use it wisely. Our goals can be achievable, if we know the proper steps to take and how to balance our lives.

As remote pros, having the skills to be continuously productive is important to push ourselves while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance. If you are someone feeling that you can’t seem to manage everything going on in your life or that every day seems “too busy”, here are 3 tips for you:

  1. Morning Rituals

Morning rituals and daily actions can help us stay determined and focused on our goals. Just as you must make a plan before an adventure, morning rituals and activities guide you on your way and help you set your course. Some morning rituals you can do are daily affirmations, vision boards, meditation, or even dedicated exercise time before you begin your work. Whatever method you use, remember to prioritize those activities and use them as a space to clear your head and focus on your objectives!

  1. Having Discipline

Discipline is an important aspect of being a remote pro, because you are balancing family time, traveling, working, being at your desk, and enjoying each day. Discipline can mean different things for people, including maintaining a schedule, consistency, or standard routines. You can use a daily to-do list or Bullet Journal, Trello boards, Google docs list, or any kind of app to stay organized and move forward.

If you feel like you need help with accountability and productivity hacks, you can join the Remote Pros community to gain access to an experienced community and valuable knowledge!  

  1. Just Do It With Imperfection Action 

Have you ever started a project then never completed it because of self-doubt and overthinking? Imperfect action is so important when it comes to productivity because if we’re not careful, we can fall into the trap of fear, analyzing ourselves, and eventually giving up. 

No matter how far our goals may seem, it is important to remember that we cannot learn to walk until we run in life, especially when building a business and being a remote pro. Sometimes, we just have to take that leap and push ourselves into action, even if when we don’t feel ready. The phrase JFDI (Just F***ing Do It) can be any remote pro’s mantra – don’t be afraid of what may be ahead, take the chance, and get the work done! 

Productivity is not changing our lives around our work but transforming each day to make the most of our lives while also getting the work done. We can have both, if we learn the proper tools and steps to do so. If you are ready to take your life to the next level and become a remote pro, or you already are and are seeking a global community, come join the Remote Pros membership today! 

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