3 Mistakes We Made When Starting A Remote Business

Mistakes are a natural part of life, especially when it comes to building a new business. The truth is that they will happen to every person that goes through this process, but wouldn’t it be nice to know that you could learn from those who made mistakes before you? At Remote Pros, we believe that mentorship and learning from each other is a foundational aspect of building a business. That is why we created an experienced community where you can gain valuable feedback, resources, and inspiration to help guide you on your journey. 

Here are 3 mistakes that we made when starting a remote business that can help you: 

  1. Thinking We Could Do It Alone and Not Asking For Help 

There is a famous African proverb that says: “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This cannot be more true. If you want to go far, you need a community to support you and stand behind you when things get hard. When we first started out building our own businesses, we made the mistake of thinking that we could do it alone and that we didn’t need to ask for help.

 This ended up causing us more trouble than progress, as we had to take the entire workload on ourselves and make mistakes that could have easily been avoided. Had we known, we would have found a community and network to support us and guide us on our journey. If you are also starting out, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help – it will guarantee to save you time and accelerate your business! 

  1. Letting Fear Get In the Way 

Fear is natural, but you can’t let it stop you from building your business and achieving your goals. When we started our businesses over 20 years ago, there were many moments where fear got in the way. Over time, we learned that fear continuously shows up, no matter how inexperienced or experienced we were. 

We learned that fear is a normal part of life that we cannot escape as humans, but we can learn to live with it in a way that will push us towards our objectives and not hold us back. If you feel as though fear is inhibiting your progress, ask yourself: “What is this fear stopping me from experiencing? What will I miss if I give in to this fear?” These questions will help you remember what you are working towards and where you are going.

  1. Not Investing In Ourselves 

Investing in yourself is important in order to continuously grow and gain more skills. Investing in yourself can take many shapes and forms, including taking time to be with family, investing in courses and certifications to gain new skills, or investing in communities and groups that will give you the support you need to succeed. 

When we were beginning our journey of being Remote Pros, we often forgot to invest in ourselves and our personal time. Now we understand that the life of a Remote Pro is all about having a healthy work-life balance. The more you invest in your own health and happiness, the more you can succeed and thrive in your work and goals. 

If you feel like these tips helped you, come join our Remote Pros community to gain access to resources and connections to support you! We believe that together we can achieve more and build a life of freedom and choice. CLICK HERE to join the movement today!

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